How to get there

Route across Sweden:
Follow the E45 or E14 to Östersund. From Östersund, take the E14 towards Åre/Trondheim. When you arrive in Järpen, turn right towards Kallsedet. Follow road 336 to Kallsedet from Järpen. After 70 km, you will arrive at Kallsedet.

Route across Norway:
Follow the E6 towards Verdaland. Turn onto the 72 towards Östersund. In Sandvika, turn left towards Kallsedet. Follow the 72 to the border and stay on the same road which is now road 336 (Sweden). After 49 km you will arrive at Kallsedet.

By plane:
Flying to Vaernes (Trondheim airport, Norway): KLM flies direct from Amsterdam to this airport. You can also fly with SAS & Norwegian from a multitude of cities.

Flying to Åre/Östersund airport (Sweden): SAS & BRA flies to this airport (via Stockholm) .

By train:
Railway stations are located in Järpen (Sweden) and Verdal (Norway).

Kallsedet 820, SE-837 93 Järpen