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Standard booking terms and conditions

This agreement applies when renting a pitch for a tent, caravan or motorhome and cabins and rooms and activities/package deal/holidays that is provided/realized by Kallsedets Fjällcenter.

Who is responsible?

Kallsedets Fjällcenter / HarmsenBrouwer AB
Org. Nr. 559138-2964
Adress: Kallsedet 820, 83793 Sweden.
Phone: +46 (0)64780173
E-mail: info(a)kallsedet.com

Age limit for booking and access

To book/enter an agreement with us you must be 25 years or over. A single parent staying with several children, however, is exempt from this requirement. In case of uncertainty, check what applies at the campsite concerned. Identification may be required on arrival. Meeting the age limit is a requirement for access to the pitch.

Booking confirmation

You should receive written confirmation of your booking. The booking confirmation contains important information about your booking. Check that the content of the booking confirmation corresponds to what you have booked. If there are errors in the confirmation, inform us of this as soon as possible.

When will my booking be binding?

The booking will be binding when you receive an e-mail confirmation of your booking from us.

Early departure

If you choose to depart earlier than planned, no money will be repaid unless agreed otherwise with us.

What applies if I want to cancel?

You can cancel verbally, in writing or by email to us or via our online booking. For cancellations less than 40 days before arrival, standard compensation is charged as shown below.

Cancellation terms

For cancellations, the following terms apply (when the sale-or-return rules do not apply).

  • For cancellation 40 days or more before access, you pay max 10% of the agreed amount.
  • For cancellation 39-29 days before access, you pay max 30% of the agreed amount.
  • For cancellation 28-8 days before access, you pay max 50% of the agreed amount.
  • For cancellation 7-2 days before access, you pay max 90% of the agreed amount.
  • For cancellation less than 2 days before access according to the agreement or if you end an ongoing stay without a valid reason, no money will be repaid and we have the right to charge any agreed amount that has not been paid.

What are my rights?

In the event that we breach the agreement, serious disruptions or the service otherwise deviating from the information we have given or what you could reasonably have expected, you have the right to demand redress, a price reduction or cancellation. A breach of the agreement or other service failing that is due to reasons outside our control does not entitle you to compensation according to this agreement (see the point on limits of the campsite’s control responsibility below).

If a fault arises during your stay, it shall be reported to us immediately so that we have the chance to remedy it. If you do not report a fault, you cannot claim compensation. If you have received compensation but are not satisfied with it you must inform us of this within 3 weeks (21 days) of departure. This may be done verbally, in writing or by email. We recommend email.

Limits of campsite’s control responsibility

In the case that the visit cannot be completed due to an impediment outside our control and that we could not reasonably have been expected to have foreseen when entering the agreement and the consequences of which could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome, we are free from liability for damages or other penalties. If the impediment is due to someone we have appointed to fully or partly carry out the campsite service, we are only free of liability for damages if the party we have appointed would be free in accordance with the paragraph above. The same applies if the fault is due to a subcontractor we have appointed or someone else earlier in the chain.

What am I responsible for?

During the stay at the campsite, the attached rules and regulations apply. Infringement of the rules and regulations for the campsite or a breach of the agreement can lead to the agreement being cancelled with immediate effect. In the event of eviction, the amount due is calculated according to the price per night that applied for the time that the guest had access to the pitch plus the cost for the estimated damage. Any difference will be repaid no later than 10 days after the eviction.

What happens if we do not agree?

If we cannot agree, you can receive help from, among others, one of the following dispute resolution bodies:

  • Visita’s disciplinary board, the industry’s own board for consumer complaints. We will comply with the disciplinary board’s recommendations. http://www.visita.se/mitt-foretag/Ansvarsnamnden/
  • Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (National Board of Consumer Disputes, ARN; see address below) is an approved dispute resolution body according to the Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Relations. We will comply with ARN’s recommendations.
  • You can also turn to the EU Commission’s online platform for dispute resolution: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

We do not undertake to take part in other alternative dispute resolution proceedings than those of the National Board of Consumer Relations (ARN) and Visita but will give consideration to this issue in the event of a dispute arising. You are also free to take the dispute to a general court.

Address for ARN:
Allmänna reklamationsnämnden
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm

The Personal Data Act

We are responsible for handling the personal details you enter in connection with your booking of a pitch (such as name, address and telephone number). We will process personal details for the purpose of administering the bookings and payments and otherwise fulfilling our obligations and ensuring the rights according to the agreement we enter with you. The details may be given to debt collection agencies or an authority/court for collecting, determining and fulfilling your contractual obligations.

You have the right once a year at no cost, on written request, to look at the details that have been registered, information on how these are used, from where the details have been taken and to get information about any recipients to which the information has been given. You also have the right at any time to request corrections of any changed or incorrect information.

If you give your active consent, we may use your personal details for marketing our business.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal according to the Act (2005:59) on Distance and Doorstep Selling exempts agreements on accommodation, lodging and leisure activities and you can thereby not reverse an agreement on renting a pitch for a tent, caravan or motorhome.

Who is responsible for my payment?

For bookings more than 40 days before arrival:
If you book more than 40 days before arrival, you may choose to pay the full amount directly or make an initial part-payment of 10%. The part-payment serves as a deposit and will be deducted from the final payment.

Final payment no later than 40 days before arrival:
If you have chosen to make a part-payment, the balance shall be paid no later than 40 days before arrival.

For bookings 40 days or less before arrival:
If the booking is made 40 days or less before arrival, the final payment shall be made at the time of booking.

Late or non-payment:
If, despite a reminder, you do not pay the full amount on time, it will be considered a cancellation on your part and the cancellation rules will apply.